Basic cares for your horse

Cuidados básicos para tu caballo

Having a horse is a responsibility, so decide to have one it entails accepting that you will have to accept a series of tasks that you must always fulfill to offer them a great quality of life. A suitable space The first thing is the place where will be living your horse. It must be a wide space, where they can move without problems and, if its possible, where could be in contact with other horses. At the time to choose the space where the horse will live there are a long variety. They can live in paddocks in semi-liberty, in a box, or live in plenty liberty in big lands.

But also, the spaces where they live must be clean always, to envoid a lot of insects. Another important point is that they must have plenty of drinking water and that it is easily accessible.

Also, if you want to elevate their quality of life, you can also enable areas where they can be distracted, such as areas where they can scratch, play, or exercise. In addition, in places that are smaller, such as the boxes, it is always necessary to have a larger area set aside for the horse to stretch out, roll around, play, and socialize with other horses.

Take care of its food

Like humans, the horse’s nutrition it is very important to the proper development of the horse. A balanced diet with complementary contributions is key to achieving a good quality of life. For that, it is ideal to complement quality feed with good forage or hay, covering the nutritional needs of each horse breed.

In addition, always is a good option add some sweets or snacks that provide them with extra supplements.

A good shower and propper brushing

Horse’s need almost one brushing a week. Although the most recommended is a daily brushing to remove dead skin and toxins from the hair, you can extend it up to once a week, but no more. It is true that the horse itself often rolls on the ground to replace brushing and remove excess themselves.

Something you should know is that brushing creates a bond between the horse and its owner. But this tie must be worked on every day, especially when they are still colts. Similarly, showering your horse, especially in summer, can be very beneficial. Cold water in the limbs of the horse improves circulation in them.

Work with them

Horse’s needs diary movement, they can’t be blocked in boxes without any movement or exercise. For this reason, you must provide him with a good quality of life and, if you can ride him, do not hesitate to do so daily, always adapting to his physical conditions, the horse will thank you a lot.
If you don’t like ride horses, the best thing to do is to take your horse out to work, rope it up or let it walk.