Benefits of Slowfeeding on horse stress

Beneficios del slowfeeding en los trastornos alimenticios equinos

Stress in horse’s is a common problem what can affect their health and welfare. Stress can be caused by various reasons, like lack of exercise, the change of spaces or the inadequate nutrition.
One form to evite stress in horse’s is trough the use of slow feeding.

This new technique of feeding consists of providing the horse with a diet that allows it to eat slowly, avoiding the anxiety and stress associated with fast eating. For this, different techniques are used, such as the use of hay nets, low energy forages, divided feeders, or slow feeding devices.

Providing slow and steady feeding, the risk of feeding-related health problems such as obesity, colic or laminitis can be reduced. Additionally, the slowfeeding nets can be beneficial for the mental health of the horses, because it allows to eat at its own times and reducing the stress associated with feeding.

It is very important to remember that the correct nutrition of horses is essential to their general welfare. If you have any doubts about the diets of your horse, or how use slow feeding nets, you can ask to your vet or contact with us for more information.