• <strongInitiation:This mesh size 100×100 mm is thought for those animals that just beggining with slowfeeding hay nets.
  • Grade 1: This mesh size 60×60 mm is ideal for equines not very familiar with slowfeeding method but that already had a first contact.
  • Grade 2: This mesh size 45×45 mm is perfect for horses and ponies who are already familiar with this technique.
  • Grade 3: This mesh size 30×30 mm is mainly used for those animals who are already familiar with the slowfeeding but need tighter control, wether to regulate their weight or to reduce their anxiety for the food.


  • Slowfeeding hay net type envelope: Vertical installation, thought to hang on walls, posts, paddock or during the transport in the trailer. In the specific case of shod horses its important to place the nets with enought distance for they dont snag on them.
  • Slowfeeding hay net type bag: Diferent kind of installations, designed to be hung in vertical, freely on the ground or inside the crate to avoid horses to snag with the net.

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