Slow Feeding feeding nets for horses

Equine Feed Hay Nets

In the equine world more and more ideas arise to find well-being for our animals, one of them is the Slowfeeding nets. This kind of knotless nets are designed to be filled with hay so the horse can have a slow transition to this new device. Since they are specially designed for animal nutrition, these nets have highest quality, and they are very resistant.

As is well known, horses, as many other animals, require special care in many fields, being the matter of diet one of the most important.

The Slow Feeding is a new feeding technique that consist in slow down and extend the time that our horse use for eating, thanks to our products. The nets are filled with your horse’s feed so the equine can eat through them. This way we achieve our animals’ feeds slowly during all day, recreating their natural way of eating, grazing.

This new technique counts with a lot of benefits, both for the horse and the owner. The main one is that by means of slow feeding, the digestive system of the horse greatly improves, because its stomach is very small in proportion with its size. Because of this, this device is specially designed for they can digest small portions of food but in a regular way, avoiding them from heavy digestions at once. Increasing the feeding time, the acids in the stomach are offset by their own saliva, thereby avoiding future problems like ulcers, indigestion, and cramps.


Another advantage that our nets provide, it’s that it does not cause harm to the denture, in contrast to traditional feeders. Our slow feeding nets also helps to keep the horse busy by an increase in the time spent eating, reducing the anxiety and stress, which results in a better behaviour and efficiency.

This type of feeding doesn’t present advantages only for the horse but also for the owner. Whenever the hay remains inside the net, we prevent it from get dirty and fly away, which results in much less waste than in the traditional way. Therefore, the costs of food for the owner will be reduced. In addition, thanks to the fact that the farmer will introduce the hay by himself in the feeder, he will be able to have a better control of the food that horses ingest. There is a further point, this method helps to keeps the place clean by preventing the food from falling to the floor.


Nets2World is committed to the environment, which is that our manufacturing process, our packaging, and our shipping method are sustainable. Regarding manufacturing, from the first step of obtaining raw materials to the last step of production, we follow rigorous standards and requirements to contribute to the environment by reducing emissions and waste.