What is slowfeeding?

¿Qué es el slowfeeding?

In the equine world there are a lot of ideas to find the animal welfare and one of these ideas are the slow feeding nets. These type of nets without knots are designed to be filled with hay to introduce the horse to the slow feeding nutrition. They are designed so that the horse eats there, so there are high quality nets, very resistant and obviously, pesticides free, suitable for animal nutrition.
Horse feeding is key to its health and its correct development, but how many times a day should we feed it? And what amount of food its necessary? Just like humans, horses could get their higher performance with a proper diet. But not is only what they eat, you also must secure the right amount of food along of the day.
For this reason, the slowfeeding nutrition is a new type of nutrition, where the horse had to be eating slowly, during long periods of time. It can be possible with our nets, because when they are plenty of food, the horse starts to eat through them. With this technique it is possible for the equine to eat slowly throughout the day, achieving a diet very similar to grazing, they natural eating form.
HEALTHIER HORSES WITH SLOWFEEDING This new technique has a lot of benefits, so much for for the horses as for its owner or ranchers. The principal advantage is that with the slowfeeding, the digestive system of horses improves a lot because their stomach is very small in proportion to its size. For that, this system is specially designed so that they can digest small amounts of food on a regular basis, avoiding that they had to digest big amounts. By eating longer, the horse’s stomach acids are counteracted by its saliva, avoiding stomach problems like colics, indigestions and ulcers.
Another advantage of this type of nutrition is that it does not cause damage in horse teeth unlike traditional feeder. Although, by spending more time eating, horses stay more time entertained, reducing anxiety, nervousness, and stress. What is traduced in the improvement of their performance.
REDUCE FOOD WASTE This type of nutrition not only has advantages for horses, also has for the owner or farmers. As the hay is inside the net, it does not get dirty or blown away, which means that much less hay is wasted than in traditional feeding, for that matter, the costs of nutrition it will be notably reduced. Also, thanks to the fact that the farmer will be the one who introduces the hay into the net, he will be able to control the amounts that his horses will ingest. Another noteworthy point of this new method is that greater cleanliness is guaranteed by preventing the hay from falling to the ground.